About Us

The brainchild of Lee Newton, owner of Loughton-based award-winning media and events business, Media 10, Tom, Dick & Harry’s brings something fresh and exciting to Essex.

Open every day from midday for brunch and lunch through to drinks and dinner in the evening, Tom, Dick and Harry’s offers a destination dining experience in the heart of Loughton. As well as the main dining room, there is a lounge area complete with baby grand piano, counter dining at the bar and two al fresco terraces. Small plates, Sunday roasts, extensive wine list, Michelin guide food, classic cocktails… all within a short walk to Epping Forest.

In 2020, the restaurant got a new addition… A Lockdown zoom chat, plenty of wine and beer, a shared passion for great food made with top quality local produce – that’s what it took for the men behind the two best restaurants in Loughton to go into partnership. We’re delighted that Manos Filaitis, owner of The Olive Tree, has joined us as a partner at Tom, Dick & Harry’s alongside original owner, Lee Newton.

Lee had the idea of Tom, Dick & Harry’s through his many trips around the world with his media and events business. From the palest rosés in Provence to lobster suppers in the Caribbean, via small plates in Barcelona and a lot more places in-between, Lee started thinking about how to deliver the quality food and wine he’s so passionate about, in a vibrant but relaxing location. Tom, Dick & Harry’s is an amalgamation of these things and it’s one of the reasons we’re included in the 2020 Michelin Guide.

Manos has nearly 40 years of experience, starting as a 17-year-old working in his family restaurant on the small Greek island of Aegina. Together, Lee & Manos bring experience, knowledge and a passion for fine dining to ensure Tom, Dick and Harry’s continues to provide a top-class experience in the heart of Loughton.


What’s In a Name?

Tom, Dick & Harry’s is named after the three escape tunnels in The Great Escape – a code the original founders of Media 10 used when leaving their corporate jobs to set up their Loughton agency 17 years ago. Plus, with a focus on impeccably sourced British ingredients, it made sense to use a very British idiom for the restaurant. Meaning either everyone, multiple persons, or persons of no note ‘not any old Tom Dick & Harry’, it dates back to the 19th century when Tom, Dick & Harry were very commonplace names with the earliest reference can be found in Shakespeare’s Henry IV!

So, whether our restaurant is for every Tom, Dick & Harry or not just any old Tom Dick & Harry, time will tell, but we think we’ve created something very special in the heart of our home town. So, whatever your name and whoever you are we hope to see you soon!